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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shane and Jessi at the Passport counter

Here is Shane and Jessi having their Passports examined and visas checked. We have to do this every time we come in and go out of the airport. There is a little card that you have to fill out with all your info, Passport number, DOB and a dozen other things. We have to fill one out every time. It gets really old and it seems like they don't really look at them or care about the form but we fill them out anyway.


Joslyn said...

We are excited to see you and hear all your stories!

Anonymous said...

Larry and Nancy, you can begin to
breathe now!! Inhale....exhale.
Thank you for loaning God your daughter for an incredible experience!! Each picture of Jessi shows her talent as a wonderful teacher and caring Christian. I'm still wondering what she did with the "gift of the chicken"!!!

Steve said...

I see the VISA sign in the background, "It's everywhere you want to be", I guess. It's a sign you're heading in the right direction out of the bush. ;-) And, again, THANK YOU! for all you've done for the people of Kalalayi and for sharing it all with us at home. That fresh water, available everyday, must be a HUGE blessing that we cannot truly comprehend from our relatively "posh" perspective. Continuing to pray for safe travel home.

Kelli Matson said...

So excited to see you...miss you tons!! Grandpa can't wait to hear all your stories!!