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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Water hole in Musa Creek

When we arrived at the other Musa Creek location, there was a hole about four feet deep filled with muddy water, mosquito larva, flies and bees. Even as we arrived a young girl had just finished filling her Jerry can and six more were coming right behind us on the trail. I would be surprised if there were enough water to fill all those cans. The water seeps in slowly so as long as you take your time, you can fill more cans.

I spoke to Aaron and he told me that they do not treat the water at all. As is they wash and drink it. I'm so glad we are here and that I'm watching the last days of digging and drinking from Musa Creek. Tomorrow the drill rig is supposed to get into position so they can begin first thing Monday morning.

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Cheri Guse said...

Man my heart is so sad as I read this! Our Andrupi's and Endreawa's have had it so hard! Praise God we have met them and that God has provided a way to change this situation. I am Praying for the rig company to be on time and that all will go as planned!

Mulu Kalalyi Tawi!!