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Friday, April 20, 2012

Eating the celebration meal

The celebration was well under way. We decided to set aside the MREs for tonight and dive into the celebration meal of Iza (roasted and stewed goats meat...hair present), Linya (cassava and sorghum flour mixed together into a play dough consistency) and Ici (pan seared goat intestine and stomach). The goat meat is served with a broth and you pull off a chunk of the cassava goo (linya) and dip it in the broth with a chunk of hairy meat. I know the goat was black and I never saw the goat! Only Shane and I were daring enough to try the ici and thought the stomach tasted like the smell you get when you open a deer carcas in the field to dress, the intestine was actually tasty. It was a bit rubbery like over done calamari and looked about the same...rings. We laughed hard and had a great time! God is good and we are happy to be here with these people on this special occasion.


Anonymous said...

Wow...you guys are just great! So brave and willing to just do and be what Christ would do.

(Hopefully a few hours later you still had that smile on your face and were feeling great...Doug & Shane must be alike...willing to try anything)

jen simons said...

I love this picture! Not so crazy about the story. Ugh! Gross!

Queen Cindy said...

Darwin and Jessi's faces pretty much sum up this picture to a tee.....lol....way to be brave for a moment, but don't get too wild.

Anonymous said...

Way to go kids...hope you cleaned your plates! Doesn't look like Darwin was as brave as the rest of you OR he was awfully hungry! You should all be on "Bizarre Foods" for eating hairy black goat meat and ici (I think there is a reason they call it that!?)

Steve said...

I think the look on Darwin's face says, "Could someone order me a pizza?" Regardless, YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks again for all you are doing there and for sharing it with us! Each day, I can't wait to read the new posts.

Meriah said...

that was beyond priceless! i agree with the other comment-ers, Darwin's face is priceless. you are all extremely brave!
Love you all