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Friday, April 20, 2012

Jesus Film in Buagyi Church

We just started the Jesus Film in Buagyi. It is about 6:00 PM and runs for 2 hours.

Most of the time we are blogging from Kalalayi and updating when we come into Buagyi which is the very early AM hours for you but today we have been in cell coverage all day.

We have loved your comments as they have kept is connected to home while in this desolate location. You have made us laugh as your humor has been like water to our thirst and you have brought tears as we love you all and look forward to returning to you all soon.

Once the movie is over, we will travel to Kalalayi for the last time. It will be dark so please pray for our safety. We will pack up and spend our last night with our friends. Tomorrow morning we will leave at 7:00 AM and take the long and rough road to Juba. None of us are looking forward to the trip or Juba but it gets us one step closer to all of you. We will take a 3:00 PM flight from Juba to Nairobi. PRAY FOR US IN JUBA!

We will stay night in Nairobi at the Mayfield Guest House again and have most of the day in Nairobi as we don't fly out until 10:30 PM. It is my hope to give the team some well deserved R&R by taking them shopping, seeing some wildlife and eating some good food. If all goes well, we will be rested and ready for our long flights home.

Well, Jesus just got baptized so there is still a long way to go.


Anonymous said...

We are soooo proud of all of you and look forward to your safe return!! Hopefully, you have good lights so you can avoid all the nasty potholes back to your huts! Stay safe in Juba and watch your wallets!! Praying 24/7 for you guys!

Meriah said...

I look forward to seeing you all back safe and sound.

i almost didn't "get" the 'jesus just got baptized' part but then i remembered you are watching The Jesus Film. You're not even 1/2 way through his story! :0)

love you!