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Friday, April 20, 2012

Rainy on the way to Mundri

We are on our way to Mundri to drop off Chief Celement. It is raining hard and the roads are slick but as usual the scenery is gorgeous! We have full plate today. We are going to stop off at the Mundri Relief Development Association to talk to them about getting Solomon trained to move from being a Community Health Worker to becoming a Health Officer as well as what it would take to get a clinic with a CHW in Kalalayi. We will stop at Julius' brother in law, Abass, who is a wood worker. We stopped to see him on out last trip to Mundri. Buagyi has built a beautiful new church but it still has logs for seats. We are going to see what it would cost to have Abass make 38 10' benches (pews) for the church. Lastly we will stop at the theological college in Mundri to see what their 3 year degree would cost. We are planning on sending Pastor Fashili for schooling. He is the only pastor in the area and only has 6 months of training and that is basically for running a church service, funerals, weddings and pastoral care. His education is only through the 6th grade and I have asked Johnson Tombe to tutor him, especially in English so he could be ready for school next year.

Bumpity bumpity bump! Here we go to Mundri.


Anonymous said...

Larry Matson - THANK YOU for all your hard work. I can't tell what it means (especially a parent) to get the updates. We have no idea what the conditions and situations you deal with everyday. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

Meriah said...

This is probably my favorite post. As you have been updating i've been currious about what will be the next steps. I like hearing the next needs to be filled.


Anonymous said...

AMEN to what Larry said!! As a parent it's been awesome to see all the pictures and updates that you have provided for this entire journey!! We can't begin to THANK YOU enough!! Our prayers will continually be with all of you for the rest of the trip home! God Bless Each One of You!! You've been an AWESOME TEAM! See ya soon!!

Mike & Nancy