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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Airport Photo

I'm feeling a bit defiant as we sit in the Juba airport. I gave in to my urge to take one last "illegal" photo...it is so ridiculous! Jessi said her mom (Nancy) would kill me if I took the photo and that was all the motivation I needed to click this photo.

We paid for our car ($1,940)...ouch! The remainder we owed for the bore hole ($6,975), had some amazing Indian (east) tea, said good bye to Right, our driver Joseph and Julius, who is staying two more weeks to visit his family in Yei.
The airport in Juba is the worst in the world. I realize I have not been everywhere in the world but after experiencing it for the 4th time, I'd put it up against any crummy airport. We are waiting to board our flight and sometimes the flights are very late or they never come. There is no one to tell you and no way to know if things are on time. So here we sit waiting. If things go perfectly, we should be flying in 30 minutes.

Pray for us as we leave Juba. We can't wait to get home to all of you!


Anonymous said...

It looks like Shane gained a few pounds while he was over there. I am sure he will burn them off when he gets back to work!

Anonymous said...

Doug, Sure hope you're on that plane to Nairobi! Jess, if Doug is put in jail (for taking a picture), you can't stay back to get him out. Gotta have you walk through those doors in SF on Monday! Doug, I really hope to see you too!!!!