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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Church in Kalalayi

As we get ready for church in the African climate, we are reminded just how far we are from home. We are over 8000 miles away, there is no cell service, the nearest hospital that is "not" a hospital is over two hours away on a road that is rough enough to claim any vehicle that attempts it. But we also feel very close to all of you in spirit. As we worship today, we worship with a people who love God. They sing songs to him all day and have times of family prayer each night. God's church is one church so as you worship at home and we worship half a world away as we worship in one Spirit, we are one in Christ and the miles do not matter. Sing your praises to God and celebrate Jesus as we celebrate with you. We love you all and we thank you for your prayers and support.

Aro'boya Ludri (Thank you God)


Queen Cindy said...

Church will be different this morning without you guys there. Yet, how cool that God isn't limited by time nor space. I am so proud of my church and you four specifically for stepping up to the challenge placed before you, trusting that God will hold you closely, teach you thoroughly, and show you the wonders of His people who live 8000 miles away. Sleep well, my friends.

Joy! said...

Also, we are sharing birthday wishes from many many miles away to you Doug!!!! Helping provide water to those who need it in Sudan is quite the way to celebrate the day!