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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shane and hot morning Joe

Last night was a very cool night and one of Shane's favorite past times is his coffee. In our MRE food rations we have some dried cuppachino packets that Shane likes to mix with his instant Joe.

The men do a lot of sitting while the women work at cooking all day. Shane is not fond of the sitting. He is a "get something done" kind of guy. It's funny to see him squirm!

Shane had an opportunity to do his first farm training plot at a farm about 20 miles away in the Buagyi village. There were about 15 farmers there from that area and the training went very well. The man, Justin, who's farm it was, tried the technique last season but had forgot a very important step. As a result his corn grew very tall but did not produce any corn. The man wanted to learn so the training was great for him. He should have good success this season.

I was not able to photograph this training because I was stuck in Kalalayi on Monday waiting for the drill rig that never came. Shane will do another training today that I will be able to photograph.


Anonymous said...

Looking kinda "scruffy" there Shane with that beard... but we all love ya anyway!! Keep up the good work...enjoy your coffee...and see ya soon!

Queen Cindy said...

Do you all have your tickets to that gun show?

Anonymous said...

Looking good Shane! I say enjoy your time sitting around!!

Anonymous said...

Shane. Shave the head and leave the beard.