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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daily compound sweeping

Every morning the children start by sweeping the compound. They make brooms that last about 3 days made from bush clippings. They get down low and use a very wide sweeping motion to get rid of the foliage that falls and blows onto the compound.

Last night (Wednesday) we had a huge dust storm at about 3:00 PM and after trying to brave it for 30-45 min we had to run for our huts. The doors were blowing in and everything was getting sandblasted. Even Aaron's family went for cover. Soon it started to rain and it fell until I went to sleep at 10:00 PM. I spent many hours in Shane, Darwin and Jessi's hut. We talked about our experience so far and what we thought the next step or project might be. I the went into my hut and listened to Julius and Joseph talk about how delicious goat intestine is and how I will get to eat it tomorrow at the big celebration.

I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Wow....those kids probably do their work without complaining too! Can't say the dust storm sounds like much fun.
You all enjoy your goat intestines...maybe if you are lucky they will make you some goat cheese! Praying for your health!

Meriah said...

at 180 last night i showed the students the most recent pictures (the new bore hole & pictures around that) the students errupted in questions and fortunately i had Darren Davis there who was able to tell from personal experience how things are in Kalylai. It was a great experience having them ask about you guys. The students are praying too!