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Friday, April 20, 2012

Doug preaching at the celebration service

When we returned from the trip to Buagyi the celebration was well under way. The plan was to start the celebration service right away. I was told I was preaching so I had about 5 minutes to prepare. I guess I should have been ready for this but I had no idea they were having a full service with praise songs and all, just like church. I guess it was good because all I had to do is trust God for the words. Pastor Fashili asked me for my test and John 4 popped into my mind...John 4 it would be. I tried to connect their need for physical water with the living water Jesus would offer. The Samaritian woman at the well was a great text for sharing the Gospel. I asked them if they had drank from the Living Water and that this was the most important question of their life.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome privilege it was for you to be able to share the gospel with them....and...I am sure you did just fine with 5 minutes of prep! God bless you all as you finish up all your projects.

Jen B said...

I love that man and am so proud he is listening to God's prompts to share His love.