Welcome to the “In Search of Water” blog site! Here you will see the chronicled events of the project leading up to the team’s departure from the United States and then daily while the team is in Africa. Feel free to comment on the posts as it is a great encouragement to the team and a great way to share in the experience together.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jessi playing bubbles with the kids of Kalalayi

Here is Jessi killing some time and making friends on her first morning in Kalalayi.

You may notice that some of the blog entries are out of order. There is no service in Kalalayi so when my phone connects with service it starts sending and I can't seem to get it to keep them in order. I'll work on it but at least we can send the updates.


Anonymous said...

ahhhh....sweet!! What's not to love about Jessi! Miss you all!

Cheri Guse said...

Jessi You LUCKY girl!!! Say Hi to Junti and Charity!! Junti plays the bongo type drum and Charity is about 7 yrs old.

Joy! said...

The international language for F-U-N. Jessi knows.

Anonymous said...

Look how beautiful Jessi is. Even without concealer/foundation.
Jen B