Welcome to the “In Search of Water” blog site! Here you will see the chronicled events of the project leading up to the team’s departure from the United States and then daily while the team is in Africa. Feel free to comment on the posts as it is a great encouragement to the team and a great way to share in the experience together.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Final Team Member!

Our final team member has been selected. Jessi Matson will be joining our team to provide teacher training to the small school in Buagyi. Many of the children from Kalalayi walk the seven miles to school each day to attend. The teachers need help with everything from classroom management to working with special needs children. During the war, there were some chemicals that mothers and children were exposed to that have affected many of the children and their ability to learn and join in with the other students in the classroom. Jesse will address this need as well as other needs as she observes and assists the teachers. Jesse is an experienced teacher with cross-cultural environments in her ministry in Detroit and in her current role of directing the PowerHouse tutoring center. We are happy to have Jessi as a part of the team.
Jessi Matson

It is sad to say no to the other applicants that wanted to join this team but due to the size constraints, five is the maximum allowed from the US side of the team. We will be joined by a Sudanese man named Right Taban and his wife when we reach Juba. They will be the ones preparing the project for our arrival. Please pray for the team as we begin the work of preparing for the ministry experience in Kalalayi.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two More Team Members

This week I have been interviewing applicants for the Sudan Project. It has been exciting to hear the passion and desire that God’s people have to serve him in this way. Unfortunately, there are only 2-3 spots and of course we have more applicants than we have spots. My goal is to make sure that we have the right skill sets in our team members so that we are as successful as possible with this project.

Aside from me and Pastor Julius, we have 2 spots that need to be filled. The first is our medical spot. This person needs to care for the health and well-being of the team. The medical position is the most important position on the team to ensure that team members have the right vaccines and safe health practices before, during and after the trip. I am excited to announce that Darwin Gramstad will be joining the team in this important role. Darwin is not only a skilled nurse but he went on the previous trip we took in 2010 so he has an experienced understanding of the needs and challenges facing the team.
Darwin, all dusty in Sudan

The next spot is the mechanical, hands on person that can do everything from vehicle maintenance, mechanical repairs (borehole) and continue our agricultural farming demonstrations. It’s a tall order but we found the man for the job. Shane Copeland is a jack of all trades. He owns the Napa Service Center here in town and has an ability to learn and adapt quickly. Shane will keep us going and will immerse himself in the Farming God’s Way training materials so he can continue that training effort in Kalalayi.
Shane Copeland - Chili cook-off winner

We still have one spot left and more applicants to interview. The final team member should be added by tomorrow some time. I’ll keep you posted!