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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The team with the drill foreman, Mr. Reddy

Here we are this morning with the drill foreman, Mr. Reddy. It has been a great adventure and even though they were a day late, they completed the whole project in one day. We are so happy and so are the people of Kalalayi.


Anonymous said...

God rocks! The pictures this morning brought tears to our eyes! We are so grateful to hear that water is now available & the team is well. Praying that as you show the Jesus film & love on the people that they would also receive the gift of "living water.". Josiah didn't recognize Shane with his new facial hair! Thanks for serving team!
Todd, Susan, & Josiah

Anonymous said...

What an awesome team you are! Yeah.....I didn't recognize Shane either!! Looks like Doug got a little dirty digging in the dirt!

Burke said...

Enjoying all this on my lunch break. Way to go team, and way to go God! Truly a day that no one who was there will every forget.

Bearded Shane is an impressive figure.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool dude there Shane with that beard!! Had to look twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things!! (Dad says you look like your brother now)!!
Our prayers are definitely with all of you!

Anonymous said...

Between seeing pictures again and reading about the successful drilling, I too had tears! I can't imagine the excitement you all have been a part of. Jess, I see you got your braids!! Very cute!! Hey, Jess, take a guess which one of your kiddos asked Amanda G. if she's "seeing anyone?? Love You and Miss You!! Mom