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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Place of Joseph's mother

We have reached Lui and brought Joseph to his mother. He wept for her in the traditional way with much loud sound and laying over her. There were about 75 people with her that started weeping loudly in their normal mourning fashion. It can seem disingenuous to us westerners because when the get up they just wipe their tears and act very normal but it is very sincere, it is their way.

I found an owner of a pick-up truck and hired him to drive the body back to Buagyi. Thus will ensure the body will arrive safe and intact. We have left Joseph with his mother to ride with her in the pick-up. We have taken on 6 family members and will drop them of at Buagyi on our way back to the celebration at Kalalayi.

The 400 South Sudan pounds ($100)for the pick-up truck were not in the budget but I think it was a great use of our funds.


Queen Cindy said...

Thank you for loving on Joseph and his family during this time of life transitions. I was anxious to see how this dilemma would get settled and was proud to see you decided to go with the most respectful option available.

Meriah said...

I agree with Cindy. that was a very respectful option for Joseph's mother.
proud of my team!