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Sunday, April 22, 2012

North Declare War with the South

Maybe you all knew this and did not want to worry us but in reading Nairobi paper this morning we discovered that on April 19, North Sudan stopped just shy of declaring war on the South. He said that he would liberate the Southerners from the "insect government". Bombing and killing has begun again on the boarder as they fight over oil fields. All drilling has stopped for many months now as the North and South are supposed to come to a resolution, one that may end up being resolved by war again. President Obama is calling for peaceful negotiations and the UN has asked the South to pull back but the President of South Sudan said, "We are not under the control of the UN". Tensions are high. Please pray for South Sudan.


Steve said...

Yes. I have been aware, and thus have been motivated to pray often. (I found a link to the South Sudan News Agency just as you were leaving and have been monitoring the news.) It appears that the greatest danger is mainly along the boarder between the North and South. But Juba, being the capital of South Sudan, and being only about 75 miles from Kalalayi (as the jet flies) has concerned me. I'm selfishly sooooo glad that you are out of their, mission accomplished and heading home.

But, simply, you did the right thing. You all heard God's call and you answered, following his direction regardless of your preference; regardless of your fear and concern of what might happen. This, to me, was an example of real courage and I'm proud to know you and fortunate to witness your example.

Once again, THANK YOU, for answering the call, denying self, and being God's hands and feet and voice in a part of this world that desperately needed a tangible representation of His love. I will continue to pray, that the seeds you have planted and cultivated will mature to a full harvest of blessings for the people of Kalalayi and beyond.

Praise be to God for all that He has done.

BTW, Burk did a GREAT job today!

Jen B said...

I agree. Burke did an awesome job this morning! Thanks to Pastor's Brian & Burke for continuing to feed us and give us much to think about.