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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Darwin's Foot

Darwin has official Africanized his feet. They even smell wearing flip flops! Thank goodness he cleaned them last night so they would be "presentable" for travel. Oh do we need to get home!

Rhonda, you might want to have some steel wool for those hooves when he gets home.


Anonymous said...

Oh honey I can't wait to have you back- smelling, dirty feet and all. Will even look forward to scrubing them up for you!:)

Anonymous said...

Haha....anyone who knows me knows I did not make the above comment, yes, I am excited to see my hubby though and those toes are disgusting!!!!

Jen B said...

Love it!
Honestly though, we will take them however we can get them.
Hurry home.

Anonymous said...

Love amanda :)

Anonymous said...

Let's give Dawwin a break. Some of that has been tanned with the
hot sun. Yup, part is dirt but not all.;+)