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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

At the Sioux Falls Airport

We are checked in and staring at each other. I'm not sure we know what we are getting into but we are as ready as we know how to be. We had a great send off by friends and family and we feel prayed up and encouraged. The first leg is to Minneapolis then an hour later (3:05) we are off to Amsterdam. The goal is to sleep on that flight to help with jet lag as that flight is night time in S Sudan.

Last night as we packed our bags and got the remainder of our supplies together we met a new friend, Steve Young, the Argus writer that just got back from a month long trip to the eastern side of S Sudan. He is doing six or so more stories about other groups from Sioux Falls that are going over to S Sudan to help. He is especially interested in us white folks and what we go.

My best answer, "be cause they need help and God has asked us to go." I don't know any other reason.

We take off in about 50 minutes. HERE WE GO!

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Cheri Guse said...


I am praying for you all as you are preparing to leave today. My heart is breaking and I am so sad that I am not going with you but I Know that God has given others this opportunity to meet our friends in Kalalayi. Aro’boya Ludri!!!

Mulu mi tawi!