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Saturday, April 21, 2012

8 foot bull going to market in Juba

This photo does not show the true impressiveness of this bull. At the horns, this guy stands at 8 feet. He is being taken to the market in Juba where he will fetch 1000 SSP or $250.

Oh what I would do for a rib eye! Darwin Shane and I are all craving meat, and Jessi wants apples...seriously, apples!


Kelli Matson said...

Jessi...we will have your apples ready for you at the airport...you mean you aren't craving your cupcakes?!?!

Queen Cindy said...

You just had hairy goat. What more can you ask?

Sabrina said...

There was once a loose bull in Pierre where my grandmother's friend lives. It shook it's horns at the car and my grandma wasn't scared one bit! She just pushed the car forward even more and honked the horn at it! You've gotta love her :)